AI for Business: USC Marshall and USC Viterbi announce joint undergraduate degree

Three USC Grads walking to commencement

Degree will combine curricular expertise from the two schools for digital expertise in a rapidly changing world.

The USC Marshall School of Business is launching  a new joint undergraduate degree, Artificial Intelligence for Business, in partnership with the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. The innovative degree brings together the expertise of two of the top business and engineering schools in the country to provide a unique learning experience for students matriculating in fall 2023. 

“We knew there was a tremendous need in the marketplace and throughout society for students who are trained in business, but also understand how AI works, what machine learning means, and are willing to take on the ethical implications of these technologies,” said Ramandeep Randhawa, vice dean for undergraduate programs and professor of data sciences and operations. High demand for talent with these skills is clear from recruiters and senior leaders across different industries, Randhawa said.

Kimon Drakopoulos, Robert R. Dockson Assistant Professor in Business Administration and assistant professor of data sciences and operations, is expected to be the inaugural director of the program.  The timing is critical, he said. “The current challenge for AI is wide adoption. To achieve that, in a socially beneficial way, well-rounded and skilled leaders are desperately needed.” 

“We have reached a point where AI tools and techniques are extremely accurate, but real-world, high-impact applications are very limited. The new AI for Business degree is designed to mold leaders who fill this void.”

Kimon Drakopoulos, Robert R. Dockson Assistant Professor in Business Administration and assistant professor of data sciences and operations

USC Viterbi’s Director of New Initiatives in AI and Data Science and Research Professor in Computer Science, Yolanda Gil, will co-direct the program. “This is a pioneering and forward-looking interdisciplinary program,” said Gil. “To our knowledge, it is the first in the world of its kind at this important intersection of AI and Business. With this program, we will empower business and organizational leaders to understand the possibilities, as well as the limitations, of AI technologies and to help them better understand the people they serve, predict trends, and improve decision-making processes.”

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